A first at the HortiContact was the introduction of full spectrum LED tubes for horticulture. With these tubes a sunny spring day is mimicked for optimal plant growth. By using glass, the spectrum is displayed even better, says Arnaud Teller, CFO of AGRO LED Tube.

Two tubes with LEDs (120 and 150 cm) have been developed that fit into a standard fluorescent fixture. The LEDs are mounted in a glass tube, which gives better light transmission and spectrum distribution than polycarbonate. This also makes the tube less warm, which benefits the lifespan of the LEDs. The light spectrum can also be adapted to the wishes of the customer. Furthermore, the investment is modest in comparison with other LED systems: Teller speaks of a high-tech product for a low-tech price.

Closed cultivation system
In addition, a cultivation system has been developed for the cultivation of (vegetable) plants. The system consists of a completely daylight-free climate cell, in which various cultivation layers form an integrated installation construction. The climate in the cells is regulated by using cooling ceilings and air treatment. Because the tubes are wider than the cultivation layers of the ‘Danish cart’, there are no dark edges and all plants grow up just as quickly. The light output per luminaire of 150 cm is 50 micromol. For a light output of 100 micromol, for example for lettuce, you have to assemble two tubes per cultivation layer. A maximum of five tubes fit on a cultivation layer.

Text / photo: Mario Bentvelsen.