AGRO LED BV is the specialist in the field of disinfection solutions for environments and devices by means of innovative UV LED light technology.
Despite the global COVID 19 pandemic, we are still able to quickly deliver materials to our clients around the world. However, these materials are only available for the professional market and not publicly available. All our materials are produced in Europe.

When someone with a virus coughs, sneezes or talks, micro virus drops are released into the air, which can float for some time “aerosol”. By inhaling those virus droplets, you can get infected and sick. Possible disease transmission of viruses can be prevented by circulating indoor air in combination with UV C LED light. After 30 min, more than 95% of the viruses, germs, fungi and bacteria will be eliminated.
Scientific studies provide supporting evidence.


Clean your environment of viruses and bacteria! With the help of UV-C LED light, up to 99% of the bacteria and viruses in the air are eliminated. A powerful fan directs the room air through a filter to the system and disinfects along the UV-C lamps. After this process, the cleaned air is returned to the room. UV-C disinfection does not leave any residue.

  • No chemicals are used.
  • Latest clean technology now available and available for the professional market


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Suitable for:

  • supermarkets
  • movie theaters
  • bus companies
  • navy
  • food industry
  • catering industry
  • canteens
  • offices
  • medical practices
  • production companies
  • restaurants
  • gyms
  • stores
  • hospitals

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